Student Enrolment

Please select Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced from the options below to enrol in that class.  You will be able to select which day of the week you wish to attend on the following page. Enrolment fees are $50 per student for each 8 or 9 week term. When enrolling on behalf of someone else, please enter THEIR NAME in the First and Second name fields.

These enrolments are for Term 2 2022. Starting on the 26th of April to 23rd June 2022.
Enrolment for Term 2 will be available from 4th April 2022 to 12th May 2022.
When enrolling for a term, please enrol and pay for one class only in that term.

If you have any problems, please contact Members Support:

Special Note: If the government cancels internal gatherings, The School Of Bonsai will no longer be able to roll over Enrolments to other Terms.

Beginners Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course