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Come and join us to learn the art of Bonsai.
There are several levels of classes available.

The School of Bonsai Inc.

The School of Bonsai Incorporated is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1986 by Mr. Ron Flack and Mrs. Elizabeth Simeonoff.

The School of Bonsai provides affordable courses in Bonsai for all grades, from beginner to advanced students of the art.

All members of the Board, Committee and teachers of The School of Bonsai are unpaid volunteers.



Classes are offered over 4 terms, of 8 – 9 weeks each, per year by highly skilled teachers.

Beginner and Intermediate classes are of 3 hours duration comprising some theory and plenty of practical Bonsai Creation with demonstrations and workshops.

Advanced classes are held as informal workshops where students work on their tree’s under the guidance of teachers and with the collaboration of fellow students.

Corner North Rocks Rd & Farnell Ave, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia